Fiya Is The Godmother of Entertainment

November 11, 2019


You can't reminisce of legendary moments in Houston without bringing up this awesome woman.  If you recognize the photo above then you know this article is well overdue.  Her real name is Keir Sylvester, better know as "Fiya" or "Beat Box Queen of the World".  Fiya has dedicated fourteen long years to providing opportunities for many artist through her events and Streets 93.3 radio show.  As we chat over the phone, she tells me the story of her supporting Travis Scott long before his big break.  Fiya modestly states, "I was here with Travis Scott when other people were laughing in his face.  Now all the laughers are running behind him."  Fiya has also worked with Erykah Badu, Megan Thee Stallion, Yella Bezzy, Lil Mario, J-Dawg, Cal Wayne, Sauce Walka, Rizzo Rizzo, Candy Red, Beat King, Dj Chose, Just Brittney, Toni Henry, Kirk Franklin, Stunna Bam, Yolanda Adams, Mila J, Tamia, myself, and many more. 


"I was here with Travis Scott when other people were laughing in his face."


During her stay in Atlanta, Georgia, Fiya was so popular that she stayed booked and busy. Fiya's brand manager, Elliott AKA E-Money Power from Seed Mob Management, advised her to take a break.  Taking his advice Fiya pulled to the back of a Motel 6 just to catch a quick nap.  Who would have guessed what happened when she awoke?


She recalls E-Money in the car as she starts up her Toyota SUV and heads for the road. Upon entering the freeway going west bound a Honda Accord strikes her car from the back. This impact sends the SUV flying into a nearby barricade still in motion.  The Toyota spins until it comes to a complete stop; now eastbound. E-Money stated he did not notice the coming traffic because of the thick air of smoke. He recalls unbuckling his seat belt and quickly exiting the car. In a panic, E-Money runs to the driver's side to unbuckle Fiya who is in a state of shock. E-Money was able to pull her from the car just before a huge truck was passing. Fiya and Elliott were able to escape to the side of the road; were they sat both bleeding and injured from the accident.  



Fiya states, "That Toyota Sequoia saved my life!" With this recent incident, she feels like she has been given another chance to share her talents with the world.  


"I am the Godmother of the Entertainment industry."


When asked about her being the Godmother of Houston she replied, "I am the Godmother of the Entertainment Industry."  We can't deny Fiya has made such a huge impact on the lives of so many in the music industry.  That's why it always makes sense to ask her the hard questions.  When I asked about who is the next up and coming artist Fiya stated, "It's a Whom. Whoever believes they can take it, it's for the taken. Now there is a couple of whom's coming up."


To recall the number of times Fiya has suffered from challenges in her life would not be due justice. Instead, we focus on the fact that after every challenge she gets back up to share her voice with the world.  Fiya's story is nothing short of a miracle and very inspirational.  We hope to see Fiya share her gifts at the Hip Hop Go Live concert this Thursday, November 14th, at Club Safari in Houston.  Feel free to find her on IG @Fiyamediamougal



Whoever believes they can take it, it's for the taken. - Fiya, 

The Godmother of Entertainment      




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