Houston Legend Stunna Bam Is All About Timing

November 11, 2019

A middle-aged man opens the door, his smile is just as bright as the first day I meet him. “Jada fucking Stone!” he greets. I’m at the studio of an area in Houston located near the NRG Stadium — decorated with sliding gates and doors that could easily double as a storage unit. The only way this welcome could be more welcoming is if he were to pass me the blunt; assuming I was a smoker. After I hugged him, he takes a seat and takes a lighter from the table to light the blunt he had been rolling as I walked in. Inside, everything — the walls, tables, chairs — resembles a scene from the movie Belly. 


“So what you been up to?”


That voice is legendary  — and one of Houston's hottest artists — Stunna Bam. He stands at about 5’8,” dressed in his own clothing line — Rich Regardless —  sweatpants, a white tee, and Jordan shoes. At this moment, his head is wrapped with a do-rag. As I greet him, he’s fumbling through his phone liking pictures on Instagram. 


Video: My Ghetto - Stunna Bam


Zerrick Gibson — which is Stunna Bam's real name — is affiliated with Down Since Day One Music Group where he has released several records considered as the anthem of - Houston's ghetto - Third Ward. Fans can be heard riding down the streets with their windows down quoting the lyrics to "My Ghetto" or "Buy What I Want". Stunna Bam understands that years from now, the quality music he makes for his listeners will remain, and that's all that matters.  The longevity of the “My Ghetto” reveals just how deeply rappers can make fans relate to their content, even if they have no personal experience with the subjects being addressed. 


Stunna Bam will be performing live at Club Safari Houston on Thursday. You can get your tickets by clicking the link below. 

Hip-Hop Go Live Tickets 





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